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Douglas Keim’s photographic interest started in his youth. He has taken photographs across the United States, Canada, some of Mexico as well as much of the United Kingdom and northern Europe.

Throughout all of his years his most beloved work was of Americana: landscape and wildlife. These photographs specifically selected for today were taken of Wabasha and the surrounding area.

Portraits, weddings, and public relations photography for various colleges, including Winona State, helped put Douglas through college.

His career in the United States Air Force was in News Photography and Motion Picture both used in Promotional material. He even had the privilege of hanging out of an Army Huey while taking pictures of the Blue Angels flying in front of the faces of our presidents on Mount Rushmore.

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Lee Carlson(non-registered)
Nice work Douglas! I'll have to come back and see more as time permits.
Nancy Lee Falkum(non-registered)
Thank you!
Ken Nichols(non-registered)
Doug.....just got the postcard promoting the Gallery show. Congratulations! Beautiful images....great stuff. Good luck at the reception.

Need a guitar player?? I'll play for tips and a glass of wine :-)

Dick Henrickson(non-registered)
Great work!
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